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Imported Lancers Rose Table Wine (serve well chilled)

Well I think i'm there now. Glass one from bottle two.
And I'm feeling quite spirited in that drunken way.

Ya dig?
(Pee break #1)

"London loves the way people just fall apart"...

(I'm sure I'll be quoting songs a lot tonight)

I named my car Auddie Maxamillia Bot.
She is so increadibly stubborn.
She decided to die in the middle of the street tonight. I don't love her any less.
She just needed to rest, I say. We all need to rest every now and then. Even if it's inconveiniant for some.

My father is in town. My mother called him to come here so he can "teach me how to drive".
Gah! I don't want to get into a father-rant.

This is only the beginning.
Tags: drinky day!
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