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Mum's Joining In...

"Breathe... Sleep... Eat... Ponder.. And stare. In this lifetime, you shall no longer bother in the persuit of war, but rather, you shall bother in the persuit of peace." Okay, um.. I don't know.. that's pretty much all I .. uhh.. Love. Love finds you. And you're not seeking. Okay. and it scares you sometimes. But if you're brave enough, and you're not a coward. you'll recieve it with an open heart and an open mind. and you will know. the profound meaning of love. even though it hurts. or eventhought it may hurt. alright. so... i'm not that drunk. but i like that state of not being too drunk and not being that sober. it's a great feeling. i wish i always felt that way. and a good cigarette doesn't hurt either. that's it for now. read it. no, you're supposed to write "read it". ps: uhh.. ps good music helps a lot, especially miles davis on a saturday night... on a LONELY saturday night.

(I typed it for her, as she spoke.... she says: "that's me, i like it).
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