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... The Morning After ...

So, I feel that NaDruWriNi could have gone a lot better than it did.
I spy 1. 2... 3 empty bottles of wine. Also, a half empty bottle in the refrigerator... and a half empty glass at my bedside.
I honestly don't remember writing most of what's writen... and I've fought with myself to leave it posted.
 I did delete my "please forgive me" post... since there's nothing to forgive. 
   I drove to the nearest 711 to buy cloves. By myself. Auddie was nice to me and didn't die. It was a lovely thing. The weather makes driving seem like a sort of therapy.
No music, dull sky, windows rolled down, slightly hungover, and I'm in my ugly sweater that reminds me of oatmeal.
Today will be nothing special.
  ...What is it about Sundays? Everything is so quiet.




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this post is a varying form of my own sunday wallowings. yes darling, what is it about sundays? the beginning and the end?
This is a message off the subject of the post. I want to go to your myspace and freak out about how totally hot u r in every picture... but I have to add you as a friend in order to make comments. I just can't compromise myself like that. But oh my god. U R So Hottt. U R Soo beautfiul.. in every pic you are like totally so fucking PORNOGRAPHIC... oh god... I just wanna fuck it. I thought you would appreciate the sentiment anyway. <3
Thanx darling... u r totally hott 2!!!!
Can I have your kasyassbabies and then dispose of their rotting fetus-juices in your mouth?
OMG, thatd b soooooo hot!!


(I just shuddered so hard when I read over that).