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... Then There Was A Silence You Took To Mean Something ...

I've been very much inside of myself lately.
Sick and producing nothing.

A few nights back, I fell asleep listening to Joanna Newsom and woke up listening to CocoRosie.
I felt pleasantly disoriented upon waking. For a moment, I wondered where I was. Until my eyes unblurred, and many little green lights pierced my sleepy veil.
(Thank you Kasyface).

Everything has been so quiet lately... aside from my relentless night coughing, night gagging, night sniffles, night vomit. Nights are full of restlessness.
However, these things are beginning to slow.

Last week, my grandmother's apartment burned down.
She got out unharmed. Few things were salvaged...
An old tool box, a bag full of photographs, a molar, a box of coins...
How the photographs were not destroyed is... unexplainable.
My mom found the molar, and gave it to me.
It's slightly burned and abundantly creepy.
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